Snow Queen Concepts

by Hans Andersen

I love this book with all it's fairy tales, but I love the Snow Queen the most.  I really would love to do some awesome concepts form the story (I'll get around to it) But for now I just have these few character concepts. If you don't know the story here are some cliff notes - Two children, a boy and girl named Kay and Gerta are the best of friends until a demon dropped an evil mirror that reflected all things beautiful in it as ugly and horrible. The mirror broke into thousands of pieces and a small grain of it landed in Kays eye, this made him see the world as an ugly place and he ran off leaving Gerta in the village all alone. Kay meet a cold hearted women, The Snow Queen, who offered to take him to her palace. Somewhere as cold as his heart had become. Kay left willingly, Gerta can't accept the loss of her friend and leaves on a journey to find him. She meets good and bad people on her journey and she finally ends up finding Kay and saving him from the Snow Queen. 

Here is a bit about what Im up too;
The man in the mask is the crow that leads the little girl Gerta to a castle, I added more to his character because I thought it was an interesting character. He is an actual crow, but when he wears the mask he turns into a human. The girl in the bottom left corner is Gerta, she is ment to be a peasant girl and wonders in bare feet. I have two concepts for the Snow Queen (I am still  developing her) one is her dancing with Crowen/The Crow. And the other is her talking to the little boy - Who is Kay. The picture at the bottom right hand corner could either be the SQ again or the Princess that helps Gerta. 

So stay tuned I'll defiantly be publishing more on this.

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